Camilo Atala

The executive president of Grupo Financiero Ficohsa, Camilo Atala Faraj, considers that the future of the country and the business sector is optimistic. As one of the most prominent bankers in Central America and leader of Honduran banking, he will take care that the community has an appropriate image of the work of a businessman.  

He believes that the region faces the challenge of improving growth with sustainability, to provide a better living condition for the community. «Without a doubt, Latin America has a good economic and social performance; it hasn’t gone through extreme situations as in other regions of the world,» he explained. 

Camilo Atala Faraj: It’s necessary to take advantage of the windows of opportunity opening up.  

For the banker, it’s of the utmost importance for the region to make more efficient use of natural resources. Likewise, it’s necessary to bring the benefits of growth to all participants in the effort to achieve development.  

The businessman considers that the nation has been consolidating, therefore, it’s essential to take advantage of the windows of opportunity that are opening up.  

The public and private sectors must be committed to the development of the country.

Camilo Atala Faraj assures that there are new provisions to stimulate investment and a public and private sector, so that they’re committed to improve the economic and social conditions of the country.    

As part of this commitment to the country and hand in hand with Atala Faraj, Fundación Ficohsa supports preschool education for children living in rural and marginalized areas of Honduras. It currently benefits 140 preschools in 19 cities in Honduras, 2 centers in Panama and 2 centers in Guatemala. 

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